Monday, October 6, 2008

More from our trip

I just wanted to add a bit to our trip adventure!
This is Tyler, he and Chloe are just a day apart. He was with friends when we were at the parade.

When at Mike and Diana's the kids found 5 kittens in the Hosta along the house! Of course all the kids wanted to keep them. ;) We ended up leaving them out over night and the mama came back for them. The kids all named them and were a bit sad to see them go.

This is at Kevin's. Nate is on the left. He is right between Maggie and Riley age wise. We had so much fun together! Kevin and Leslie have the coolest mastiff named Peanut (kevin calls him waffle). It's funny because Peanut thinks he is a lap dog!LOL!

We had such a great trip. I love that all the cousins get along so well. I just refuse to let distance hinder their relationships. :) I will say that all the girls made me promise no more rad trips for the next 20 days! I had to laugh and agree to that! ;)

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