Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I finally found some trees with intense color. Of course I took these last night during a break from class so you can't really see the color, but I liked them anyway! ;) I have one more week and I will be done with my Lit class! I am so happy! However, I do have to start economics next. :(

And CONGRATULATIONS to Maggie! She lost her first tooth this past week! The dentist had to pull it for her because she wouldn't let any of us do it. It hung by a thread for 2 weeks! She was very excited to finally have it out. Unfortunately the tooth fairy was not so swift. Maggie came up crying at 6:45 am saying there wasn't any money under her pillow. (blushing here) So I told her the tooth fairy has until 7 to make deliveries and to run back to bed. She did, I crawled and slithered across her bedroom floor as discreetly as possible to make the trade and she came up all excited because she was rich! LOL!

Another typical homeschool day. The girls are working on their math and the dog is guarding us from the evil squirrels. :)


Ruth said...

Hi Rachel. I love your blog. So nice to see your girls and also the cousins! You'll never regret keeping relationships alive. Looks like you have a very cdomfy classroom!

Lifesong... said...

Oh my goodness - the tooth fairy incident had me dying!!! I wish I could have seen you trying to be all stealth. That would have been the best! Glad you came through in the end. :clap: