Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My mom...

It was 2 years ago today that my wonderful mom went home. :( My heart hurts so much, but I am so glad to know that she is safe at home! She was just the best. Love you tons, and I miss you Mom!!!

So many words, so short the goodbye
there would never be enough time to do it right
Your memory brings me the warmth of joy
and sadness that can make me wish the storm in my heart would break

So I send you these words that got lost before you left
Thank you
not for being perfect, but for being you
for the cheering that brings my heart a smile when it all seems impossible
I can still smell the warmth of your embrace
your voice on a message
For defining unconditional

The things that were never worked through, the grace that made it ok
We still miss you
Maggie still holds the bear you gave her
your memories still roll off our tongues, they come so swift it leaves me breathless

Thank you, for fighting so long
for the moments that surly must have cost you
to be with us those extra months
for the times, the moments we will never forget
and for the words that I still hear in my heart...

Thank you...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Snakes! OH my!!!

Here we are with our friend Shelley, aka Snow White of the reptile world. She enjoyed watching me squirm and the girls giggle! Bleach! Glad the girls loved it! LOL!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a day!

Well, first of all it is beautiful here! A blissful 40 degrees when we woke up! Sigh, I love fall. :) Next for excitement for our day was Riley losing another tooth! Yahoo Riley!!! She now has real beaver teeth! (She lost the one on the left of her big front ones) My job is now critical. Being the tooth fairy is a job I am horrible at. I have made up a week of excuses of why the tooth fairy was late. I am hoping by posting this that I am going to remember tonight! LOL!

For school today we took our work and went to the park. It was just perfect to lay on a quilt and enjoy the fall breeze and cool air. We started off listening with our eyes closed and then drawing what we heard. Here is what the girls came up with.

Chloe is turning out to be quite the little dog trainer. She works with Oreo for every meal. Oreo gets very few easy meals, she has to do tricks for every bite. Needless to say, she is really starting to catch on. We are still working on come. Yesterday we went to a lake with some friends and Oreo took off like a shot after a small animal. She was out of site in a heart beat. Needless to say all the kids were crying sure that their lovely little dog was no more. She came after a few minutes of calling. Guess we don't have that one down just yet! :) Here is Chloe working on sit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is here!!

Today we went on a nice long nature walk at the park. The girls rode their scooters and bike as I walked the dog. We also gathered green acorns to try and sprout, I hope it works! So far they all sink which is a good sign. We are going to use the information from this web site. Here are our acorns in water.

We also spent sometime reading the fall poetry from the Fall Nature Study from Five in a Row (this is just brilliant, you must check it out). The poetry inspired Chloe to write, got to love that! This is her poem:

Fall Fun
by Chloe

Fall is here oh what fun!
Leaves are changing color.
Red, brown, yellow and orange, make a pile of them.
Jump in them, run in them, have some fun in them!
Pick a pumpkin, eat the seeds, make a pie, dress in beads.
Get some candy, make it last, pick a pillow
Asleep at last.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, here is our new little dog Oreo. She is 2 years old, Chloe bought her from a rescue. She has had a lot of abuse in her past but is just the sweetest little dog ever. Hey! If she won Shawn over you know she must be special! LOL! ;) We are currently clicker training and she is doing just great. Today was the one week anniversary and we are all very happy with her.
She has become my walking buddy! Today we fast walked 4 miles, hills and all. She just loves to walk and if I stop to get a drink she walks in circles till I start again.

My little bohemian dandelion...

Well, here is my littlest sweetie just being cute! :) She makes my heart so happy. She has her glasses off because she is getting ready for a bath.