Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is here!!

Today we went on a nice long nature walk at the park. The girls rode their scooters and bike as I walked the dog. We also gathered green acorns to try and sprout, I hope it works! So far they all sink which is a good sign. We are going to use the information from this web site. Here are our acorns in water.

We also spent sometime reading the fall poetry from the Fall Nature Study from Five in a Row (this is just brilliant, you must check it out). The poetry inspired Chloe to write, got to love that! This is her poem:

Fall Fun
by Chloe

Fall is here oh what fun!
Leaves are changing color.
Red, brown, yellow and orange, make a pile of them.
Jump in them, run in them, have some fun in them!
Pick a pumpkin, eat the seeds, make a pie, dress in beads.
Get some candy, make it last, pick a pillow
Asleep at last.

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