Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, here is our new little dog Oreo. She is 2 years old, Chloe bought her from a rescue. She has had a lot of abuse in her past but is just the sweetest little dog ever. Hey! If she won Shawn over you know she must be special! LOL! ;) We are currently clicker training and she is doing just great. Today was the one week anniversary and we are all very happy with her.
She has become my walking buddy! Today we fast walked 4 miles, hills and all. She just loves to walk and if I stop to get a drink she walks in circles till I start again.


Lifesong... said...

Whoooo hoooo! So glad to "see" you here! Adding you to my blog list so I can check up on you often!

Your sweet dd and puppy are so cute!

Ruth said...

Love your pics! Maggie's adorable.
(so's your pup!)

Bryn said...

Yeah! Eryk didn't recognize Maggie without her glasses. Glad Oreo is working out for all of you. I look forward to and will try to keep up with your blogging.