Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garden update!

Well, I just wanted to show you what has come up from my seeds! I am very excited as it is all doing so well. The seeds inside are doing well. I had to take the zucchini out and move them outside! I don't quite know what I was thinking planting 36 of them, but there will be enough to share for sure! Outside my collards, swiss chard, garlic and lettuce are all doing great!

I am concerned as my neighbor has seen a ground hog in his yard, as well as a possum and raccoon! Last year the ground hog wiped out my garden, took it all the to ground in 1 night. I was SO sad! :( I am hoping we get this one before he discovers my greens!

Just wanted to update the progress! I am hoping to work on the bigger beds this weekend. I am also working on a stick fence entrance for the side of the house. I will post pics as I get it done!

Hope you all are enjoying spring!