Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Every once in awhile a friend from the FIAR board comes though town and Heather and I get to hang out for awhile in real life with some of our imaginary friends. This Friday Scarlett and her family were coming through for a family gathering and I was SO blessed to get to hang out with her and her family at the Nature Center and then to have some ladies time in the evening downtown! Needless to say we had a blast! Here are a few fun pics from out time together.


Leslie said...

How did I not know you had a blog?! Love your pictures and what fun y'all got to hang out with Scarlett!

Hoping we'll make it up that way again so we can visit with y'all too.


rainydaymichele said...

Oh, I just knew that was Scarlett before reading about your visitor. How FUN!

Hope you're enjoying your summer~

Heather said...

How crazy is it that I knew it was Scarlett before I saw her name.

Heather W