Friday, July 31, 2009

Lost in the yard~

I was taking the dog out the other day, and saw this guy crossing the street! I tossed Oreo back in the house, and ran out to stop traffic till he was safely across! My, he was really big, the size of a dinner plate! After a talk with the neighbor and a nature friend or two, we concluded that it was a snapping turtle. Interesting as we have no pond nearby for someone this large! The park across the street does have a very small stream, but nothing to sustain something this large. Our theory is that he must have been living in the culvert under the street and popped up looking for a better feeding spot.

Interesting all the critters we get living in the city! So far a raccoon, opossum, ground hog and now a turtle! I'm very thankful we still get some wild life.

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