Monday, November 3, 2008

Election study..

Ok, we have been studying the election for the last week and we are having a blast! One of our activities was for the girls to finish the sentence, If I were President...

These are very cute! I just had to share!

Chloe: If I were President I would make vet bills less expensive, Halloween would be 4 times a year, and you would have to be 12 to drive! (ROFLOL!)

Riley: If I were President I would have there be candy everywhere and there would be no pounds (as in dog pounds, pretty funny as I would say real pounds)!

Maggie: If I were President I would eat all the candy in the world and I would have a pet cat.

Can you tell that we hit the jackpot for candy this Halloween?!? LOL!

Maggie sounds a little like a dictator! Yikes! LOL!

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